Artisanal ice cream

There's nothing like ice cream to cool you off from the summer heat. There are a variety of flavors and brands that are readily available in stores. But if you're tired of the usual bucket of artificially flavored ice cream, there is a growing number of artisanal ice cream brands that are slowly penetrating the market. 

What does artisanal mean? According to the Oxford dictionary, it relates to or characteristic of an artisan. It means that they are made by artists, craftsmen and artisans. When referring to a product, it is made in a traditional or non-mechanized way. Both definition considered, artisanal ice cream is made by artisans or specialty chefs by hand in small batches in contrast to the industrial-type production that confects thousands of gallons at a time. They are made with the finest ingredients which explains why these products tend to be expensive, and their distribution is limited to specialty shops and restaurants.

In Davao City, the industrial hub of the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, artisanal ice cream is served at Balay Bukid Farm and Kitchen. They come in two flavors –chocolate and vanilla. Arranged in a platter are three scoops of ice cream sandwiched in choux pastry and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The flavor is rich with just the right amount of sweetness. The ice cream is made of cacao tablea (or chocolate tablets) that retains the deep, natural flavor of chocolate.

Two hours away, in the city of General Santos, artisanal ice cream is served at Hotel Marco. It comes in two flavors - bell pepper and eggplant. 

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