Nasi kandar, a plateful of goodness

Craving good food in Penang? Follow your nose and chances are it will lead you to a nasi kandar place in a street corner. Nasi kandar starts with a plateful of steamed and mildly seasoned rice with an assortment of meats, seafood, vegetables such as bitter gourd, okra, beans and eggplant, and then rich curry sauces are poured over the rice (they call it banjir, which means flooding). 

The humble beginnings of this dish can be traced to Tamil Muslims from India who came to Penang. It was sold initially as breakfast fare by hawkers and vendors who balanced a kandar pole on their shoulders to carry containers of rice meals (nasi is the Malay word for rice), hence the name nasi kandar.  

Once associated mainly with Penang and remains a favorite dish by the island's residents, it is now popular across Malaysia. 

Want to enjoy this dish further? Here's a tip. Eat it with your hand. Use your right hand. In Malaysia eating with your left hand is impolite and generally frowned upon. 

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